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Computer Trust Corporation develops, installs and supports the WinSURGE™ family of information systems used in hospitals and commercial laboratories performing anatomic pathology (surgical pathology, cytology, autopsy, histology and nuclear medicine). Computer Trust Corporation's market niche includes growth- and quality management-oriented reference laboratories and hospitals with an absolute, ongoing commitment to excellence.

Personalized Services

Computer Trust Corporation offers personalized services, including customizations for an array of components in WinSURGE and its modules.

Custom Functions

If WinSURGE doesn't offer what you need in its core package, our engineers can design custom functions that will fit all the desired parameters for your institution.

Web Integration

Integrating WinSURGE data with the web has never been easier. Our engineers can help integrate your institution's WinSURGE data with your web application.


Our engineers design, test and deploy report templates complying to your institution's needs with a short turnaround time.

Emergency Support

Receive world-class support 24/7/365. If there's a problem, we're here to help.

Amazing Products

Learn more about the different products we offer and find out how WinSURGE can increase productivity and profitability, accelerate turnaround time, reduce errors and streamline operations.

WinSURGE Enterprise™

WinSURGE Enterprise is the most advanced product in the WinSURGE family of products. Not only does it provide all of the features and functions available in WinSURGE Standard, it is the only true enterprise system available for the anatomic pathology lab.

WinSURGE Standard™

WinSURGE improved upon the highly successful Traditional SURGE product by adding powerful features to improve productivity and satisfaction for both users and pathology clients.

WinSURGE Entrée™

WinSURGE Entrée was designed to provide exceptional reliability, performance, ease of use, and patient reports in an inexpensive system that can be implemented rapidly.

What Clients Are Saying

"It's so simple, really very easy to use. WinSURGE is flexible enough to do whatever we want it to do. Training personnel is a breeze."

William Check, MD

Memorial Health, Savannah, GA

"Computer Trust Corporation has certainly distinguished itself in being an enterprise that delivers truly outstanding service."

Sundara Sridhar, MD

Chairman, Department of Pathology and Laboratories
Coney Island Hospital, Brooklyn, NY

"Within the first two months after installing WinSURGE in our Boston laboratory, we documented improvements in billing compliance, client satisfaction, and operational efficiencies."

Randy Wills

VP Operations & Development
Inform DX, Nashville, TN

Powerful Modules For Easier Management

Our array of WinSURGE modules like WinsFAX™, WinsQUERY™, WinsALERTS™, WinsTRACK™ and WinsRULES™ are designed to improve and simplify your workflow and the workflow of your lab.


The WinsFAX™ module in WinSURGE provides automatic delivery of WinSURGE patient reports by Fax, Remote Print, E-mail, Web and FTP. The WinsFAX™ module runs on a stand-alone, dedicated PC and routinely checks for reports to be delivered by the appropriate modes.


WinsQUERY™ allows you to make queries to report on data in WinSURGE. This document describes how you can define, run, and print queries, and gives you some examples and hints for creating your own queries.


WinsALERTS™ is WinSURGE's Executive Dashboard used proactively address unique client needs, measure effects of workflow changes, and track patterns and trends at a glance.


WinsTRACK™ is WinSURGE’s Positive Patient ID and Specimen Tracking system with increased histology automation for data entry and label printing.


WinsRULES™ is WinSURGE's Rules Based Engine, where lab users can quickly create and activate operational and clinical rules, further increasing automation and reducing errors while answering unique needs.

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