About Computer Trust Corporation

The Most Trusted Anatomic Pathology Software

Computer Trust Corporation develops, installs and supports the WinSURGE™ family of information systems used in hospitals and commercial laboratories performing anatomic pathology (surgical pathology, cytology, autopsy, histology and nuclear medicine). Computer Trust Corporation's market niche includes growth- and quality management-oriented reference laboratories and hospitals with an absolute, ongoing commitment to excellence.

Since releasing the WinSURGE family of products in 1989, Computer Trust Corporation has installed systems at hospitals and reference laboratories of all sizes throughout the United States, including several multi-site, regional, and national locations all networked together.

Due to trends in quality assurance, increasing regulation, upward market demand, and the necessity to accommodate major changes in this age of mergers and reorganizations, Computer Trust Corporation is highly confident of its continued growth. There is no plan to divert company efforts away from the anatomic pathology market.

Computer Trust Corporation was incorporated in 1986, is privately held, and has been profitable every year since its inception.

The Mission

At Computer Trust Corporation, the mission is simple: Provide the same high level of support that our customers deserve and have come to expect, as well as continue to develop our superior WinSURGE application to positively impact and save as many lives as possible.

Computer Trust Corporation is dedicated to the customer by offering world-class support and to the patient, by offering a powerful software that helps clinicians diagnose and possibly prevent disease.

  • World-class support
  • Rapid custom product development
  • Continued development of WinSURGE software