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Discover What Makes WinSURGE The Industry Standard

Computer Trust Corporation has been in business more than 30 years, and 100% of our focus is on anatomic pathology systems. Our product line offers solutions for labs of all sizes, types, and specialties. The WinSURGE™ family of products is used in small and large commercial practices, hospitals, universities, and multi-site and nationwide organizations.

Redefining greatness through automation and efficiency in Anatomic Pathology

WinSURGE Enterprise

Ideal for the large multi-site enterprise

WinSURGE Enterprise™ is the most advanced product in the WinSURGE™ family of products. Not only does it provide all of the features and functions available in WinSURGE™ Standard. It is the only true enterprise system available for the anatomic pathology lab.

Enterprise functionality is appropriate in situations where, due to geographic, corporate, or client-specific demands, it is necessary to maintain separate discrete organizations within the system - yet provide access as appropriate to common files that all users should share, or regional / department-level access to certain users as needed. This gives you exceptional security and enhanced performance, while reducing the overhead and intrinsic risk of maintaining duplicate data.

WinSURGE Enterprise is certainly ideal for large, nationwide organizations - but it can also be the perfect solution for independent pathology practices serving multiple competing clients such as regional hospitals, or even practice management groups providing centralized technical processing and reporting services to pathologists' offices.

WinSURGE Enterprise can also be the most economic way for large, multi-site practices to roll out pathology systems to individual labs, since a considerable amount of the overhead involved in an implementation is done just once and then reused over and over allowing maximum leverage of limited IT budgets.

WinSURGE Standard

Ideal for most hospital and commercial AP labs

As one of the first Windows-based anatomic pathology systems, WinSURGE improved upon the highly successful Traditional SURGE product by adding powerful features to improve productivity and satisfaction for both users and pathology clients.

While other vendors developed products that perpetuated the manual inefficiencies and rigid data-entry and report formats of old character-based technologies, Computer Trust Corporation developed a highly configurable platform in WinSURGE™ to provide electronic signout, user-controllable data entry, advanced imaging, and the best graphical patient reports in the industry - along with a vast array of automated delivery options!

The results? Faster turnaround time and exceptional reports improve client loyalty. Automation and customized user interfaces reduce costly errors and increase productivity. Sophisticated specimen tracking capabilities and audit trails provide managers and lab directors with unprecedented control. Advanced charge-capture helps avoid lost revenue. And since Computer Trust Corporation is renowned for exceptional technical support, customer service and business stability, you will never have to worry about the quality of care you are receiving.

WinSURGE is renowned for its three hallmarks:

  • Flexibility - how easily you can configure the system to meet your needs
  • Usability - how easy it is for lab users to use the system
  • Scalability - the ability to handle increasing amounts of users and data


WinSURGE provides the lab with exceptional control over data entry, report formats, and workflow system design. Whether you want your accessioning screens to be laid out identically to your requisitions, to subdivide broad job functions for specialist users, or incorporate the latest esoteric tests into your repertoire, you will be able to rapidly edit or add new screens, patient reports, and management reports - all without programming or taking the system offline! And WinSURGE™ incorporates powerful security features to ensure that this flexibility is properly managed and controlled.


WinSURGE uses a highly intuitive interface that includes both standard Windows functions as well as specialized features for anatomic pathology that will both reduce training time and speed up daily tasks performed in the system. There are dozens of options for automating those parts of your workflow that can be standardized - accelerating turnaround times and reducing errors - while allowing you to retain manual control for those functions that deserve a personal touch. WinSURGE™ comes loaded with numerous extras to enhance usability, such as the powerful WinsQUERY ad-hoc reporting engine, a read-only lookup module, best-in-class imaging and automated report delivery by a wide variety of methods.


WinSURGE is the most scalable system available for anatomic pathology. Whether your changing needs call for more users, aggregation or subdivision of tasks by user groups, adding new types of work such as additional surgical subspecialties or esoteric testing, or even merging with other practices, WinSURGE™ is up to the challenge. And with the InterSystems Caché platform storing your critical data, you'll never have to worry about performance or system uptime.

WinSURGE Entrée

Ideal for small AP labs & clinical labs insourcing AP

WinSURGE Entrée™ was designed to provide exceptional reliability, performance, ease of use, and patient reports in an inexpensive system that can be implemented rapidly.

WinSURGE Entrée puts a shocking amount of power into a small package. From E-signout, multiple images per case, and billing charge capture to automatic faxing, configurable patient reports, and our advanced ad-hoc query engine, it provides everything necessary to deliver superior client service and turnaround time. And unlike other products designed for the budget conscious market, you won't trade reliability and performance for a lower price tag by using a consumer-grade database. WinSURGE Entrée™ runs on the same medical-grade Caché database that our top-of-the-line WinSURGE Enterprise uses.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, WinSURGE Entrée™ might be just what the doctor ordered:

  • Rapid implementation is critical
  • Limited budget
  • Smaller lab - "big" systems are overkill
  • New lab opening without current revenue stream
  • Need "something" immediately - may upgrade later for all the bells and whistles
  • Prefer a more structured, ready "out-of-the-box" product

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