Frequently Asked Questions

WinSURGE is the most advanced software package available for today's hospital- or commercial anatomic pathology laboratory, and for the pathology practice management organization. WinSURGE unites the laboratory, tracks quality assurance, and helps attract new business. Clinicians appreciate faster turn-around time and graphical reports with color images of the gross specimen and microscopic sections, and laboratory personnel find their jobs easy and a lot more fun!
If you have ever used a Windows product, then you already know how to use WinSURGE. WinSURGE offers the strongest functionality through the best client/server look and feel. Even inexperienced computer users are amazed at how quickly and intuitively they harness the power of WinSURGE.
Oh, yes. WinSURGE's unique E-signout minimizes keystrokes and sign-out time, even for pathologists with little or no prior computer training. After invoking E-signout, the pathologist is stepped through all his/her cases, one at a time. The pathologist views the report content in a condensed format designed for rapid review, and may either approve the case (by typing his/her own electronic-signature password), or may edit or skip the case. And you can even mix E-signout stations with conventional (manual) sign-out within the same department, to work around unique requirements of your pathologists and your laboratory.
Of course. Whether your old system is character-based or GUI, multi-user or client-server, proprietary or open, WinSURGE is the system for you. Computer Trust Corporation conversion analysis will identify the procedures, work flow, and data elements needed, so as to ensure a smooth and productive conversion. Whether your goal is to attract new clients with slick-looking reports, or to build a state-of-the-art quality laboratory, you'll win big with WinSURGE.